I was always fascinated by the human hand. I remember the hands of some of my teachers, though I have forgotten their names. When I first discovered hand-reading, after years of working in education, I was immediately hooked. I discovered a tool that was exact and clear. I found this knowledge as a clean expression of human consciousness, with enormous potential for relieving suffering and for personal development.  I have been studying chirology (diagnostic hand reading) since 1981. My background includes Education, Psychology, Jungian-psychology, Eastern philosophy & techniques practicing, besides various studies of hand reading, including diploma studies of the UK Chirological Society of the time.
   I conducted  two scientific studies with mental patients at Abarbanel Mental Health Center in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The first one was published in The Israel Journal of Psychiatry, (1999). Another study was with Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) people in Israel. These studies showed interesting and distinct statistical results. The three studies appear in my book, The Hand: The Mirror of the Soul, Diagnostic and Applied Chirology.

I led chirology workshops of Family and Marital Therapists, Educational psychologists and other therapists, especially on the topic of identifying chirological signs of suicidal or depressional tendencies, for preventive measures.

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