My Book:

The Hand: A Mirror of the Soul, Diagnostic and Applied Hand Reading

The book was published in Hebrew in 2011, and in English in 2017 and available on Amazon.

The book is, in a way, an unusual chirology book.
Part One and Two are a structured textbook on hand reading that deals with all the aspects of the hand, like hand types, right and left hands, primary and secondary lines on the hand, thumb, fingers, and so on. A special chapter deals with the issue of

Time as revealed in the hand. (Can one foretell the future? If so, is this worthwhile?) Another chapter deals with fingerprints (dermatoglyphics), which is a relatively new topic in the field of chirology, though rich in research, especially in genetic medicine. The material is accessible both for the professional and the layperson.

Part Three and Four are more unusual.

In Part Three, I survey certain subjects in an integrative way. Many things are expressed in the hands in more than one way, and usually in a cluster of ways. Therefore, one should not judge or identify something in the hand according to one detail or parameter. Rather, one must look at the large, general picture. Part Three surveys many topics in this way, such as creativity, sense of humor, intelligence, writing talent, emotional stress, and others. The subjects I find particularly important here are those that deal with the identification of signs of stress, depression and suicidal tendencies. From my experience and my scientific research, I am convinced that depressive and suicidal signs in the hand are valid and that it is worthwhile to identify and pay attention to them. This knowledge offers a strong diagnostic tool for therapists in order to identify a possibility or a danger of committing suicide.

Part Four of the book reviews three scientific hand studies that I conducted among schizophrenic patients, potential suicides,  and among the Ultra-Orthodox.




A short time after the book was published, it was rated as #1 best seller in three categories. 


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