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Below are descriptions of three scientific studies which I have conducted over the past twenty years. In those studies I compared hands of particular populations to those of control groups.

Third Study: Hands of ultra-orthodox jewish people and controls

In the third study, I studied the hands of men and women from the Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Jewish community. Much to my surprise, certain features in the hands of this population appeared more frequently than in other groups in Israel. I did a statistical analysis with seven parameters among eighty-two people in two different groups: Ultra-Orthodox and secular. Most of the parameters had to do with the individual’s relationship to his or her referential group. I found interesting and distinct statistical differences between the groups and I learned that a belief system, education and way of life among the Ultra-Orthodox are expressed on a physical level in their hands. These findings have the potential to create greater understanding between these two Jewish groups that live in Israel.

Second Study: Hands of schizophrenic in-patients in Abrabanel Mental Health Center in Tel-Aviv

In the second study I studied the hands of one hundred people from Abarbanel Hospital, half of whom were hospitalized schizophrenics and the other half a random sample of healthy staff people.  The results appear in my book: The Hand: The Mirror of the Soul. The distinct statistical results of these two studies show that, according to defined parameters, chirology can help in identifying serious mental and emotional problems.

In these two studies, I found the ability to identify suicidal tendencies through diagnostic chirology as very important. In fact, it was this quest that propelled me to undertake these research projects. In my book I also relate to important findings regarding the matter of suicide prediction.

First Study: Hands of in-patients in Abrabanel Mental Health Center in Tel-Aviv

The first study was a pilot study with people who suffer from mental illness at the Abarbanel Mental Health Center, Israel. The findings were published in the Israel Journal of Psychiatry in 1999. The aim of the study was to determine whether or not the hand features can reveal psychiatric diseases.  It was based on the fact that many studies had found that minor physical anomalies (MPA) including some hand features, were associated with physical and mental problems. The results appear in my book: The Hand: The Mirror of the Soul.

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All the three studies had distinct statistical results, all of which can be seen in my book: The Hand: The Mirror of  the Soul, Diagnostic and Applied Hand Reading.


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